The moment is difficult. All over the world.

Everything goes faster. The History of mankind gets accelerated. More and more connections between people are building, often thousands of miles distant. This acceleration has certainly a negative impact, by spreading more quickly bad news and distorted doctrines.

We, a group of Tunsians, decided a few months ago, to make of this acceleration an opportunity. An opportunity to spread a different view of what could be a positive active citizenry.

We created the Facebook group « On a été embêté pour vous » (which means more or less « We’ve been pissed off for you ») to protest against all what goes wrong in our society.

We choose to change our own gaze on ourselves : From passive inhabitants to active citizens. From victims of random events to active people creating purposeful events.

Our first action was to call all Tunisians to clean up their street. It was relevant and had a single symbolic importance. Tunisia became a dirty country after the 2011 revolution, and services like cleaning public spaces have waned. This first event took place on 30 August 2015 It was a great success. This first all-over-the country action, based on the will of individuals to change their dirty and polluted environments was successfully repeated, since then, each last Sunday of the month. Our Calling to clean public spaces met more and more success, with more and more volunteers joining the movement.

The group is now composed of 10 000 members.

We try to help people reach self-empowerment. We try to inject boosts of hope, self-confidence and self-respect in each citizen. And the spirit of « doing » for change instead of only « talking » about what should change.

The more we go on, the more individual positive citizen initiatives are flowering, all over Tunisia, the more individual citizens understand that they are the change. We built progressively a method of “experiential pedagogy“ for citizenry development and diffusion. Many people discover the new horizons their self-empowerment open for themselves and for their community. They discover it with joy and genuine enthusiasm.(which is agreat deal in this period of our history, where news on depressing events are overwhelming).

Our duty is to highlight this enthusiasm by publishing the emotions poeple express as well as their material cleaning actions. We let it known for their pride and for the example to others.

Experiential citizenry is a matter of happiness and self-accomplishment.

We believe that, at this difficult moment of the history of our country, democracy cannot be built without active participation of each citizen. We believe that The Leaderless Revolution that Tunisians have accomplished in 2011 is not accidental, but a one proof more of their collective intelligence and ingenuity.

We want to tap, discover and institutionalize this great collective potential for better living. We do not expect anything from the top of the political system. We just act at a different level. We do not believe that politics can change culture. Democracy cannot be built from the roofs down.

We call on the imagination and the spirit of endogenous entrepreneurship of each one, to build a new society, a new vision of his own society and to share it.

We try to draw together this new vision, this new image of ourselves: more involved, more empowered, more positive and more active in the « daily life » of our country, far from great ideas, great words, and great postures. We modestly aim to modify modest behaviors into heroic actions for a better Tunisia.

We believe that by changing the daily behavior of each one we will change politics too. We believe in a leaderless democracy, even if it seems ideal and difficult to realize.

The best defense against terrorism is not guns; it is the calling and the vision of a better feasible living together. Our heroes, our role models are numerous, much more numerous than one would think Tunisians traditional elites are. Our heroes are doers and doing for the public good is their best language. They act, they invent, they contextualize.

There is no entry cost in this game. Everybody is welcome in our vision and strategy. Our heroes are potentially 10 million. We are delighted to discover a new face, an unexpected hero profile, an innovative role model. Our vision is a tool of social discovery, a tool for accelerating the emergence of a 10 million leaderless democracy.

Drs Neziha Gouider-Khouja and Moncef Bouchrara

@copyright November, 23, 2015

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